Roselle Jewelry Care Guide

Regardless of the metal you choose, take these steps to keep your jewelry polished and scratch-free:

  • Store jewelry in separate pouches or compartments of a jewelry box to avoid scratching.
  • Clean jewelry in a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t scrub precious metals with an adult toothbrush. To remove tough grime from crevices, you can gently use a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Remove jewelry for manual labor or sports to avoid scratching, when working with harsh chemicals, and when swimming in chlorinated water.
  • Check with Roselle Jewelry if your jewelry contains diamonds or gemstones, because some may be treated and need special attention.


    RZ Simulates Diamond And Diamond Care

    1. Examine for loose prongs. 

    Grime and dirt is sometimes the only thing holding a stone in place, especially if it is an older piece of jewelry.

    Use care when scrubbing and always polish while holding directly over a towel, never over a sink or floor.

    If a piece of the jewelry is loose, take it to a jeweler to be fixed before cleaning it on your own.

    2.Create a mixture of warm water and ammonia for diamonds. 

    Pour one cup of warm water and ¼ cup of ammonia into a bowl. 

    Do not put the diamonds in the mixture directly. Instead, take a soft toothbrush toothbrush and dip it into the mixture

    3.  Mix warm water and soap for gemstones like rubies and sapphires.

    To clean other gemstones, like rubies and sapphires,use two cups of water and a few drops of dish soap or detergent.

    Put the jewelry into the mixture.Allow the jewelry to soak for twenty minutes before removing.

    4. Scrub with a soft toothbrush.

    Begin gently scrubbing the diamonds with the toothbrush that has been dipped into the mixture.

    Along with cleaning the main parts of the jewelry, make sure to to get into the small areas and setting as well.

    If you are cleaning diamonds with a platinum setting, this mixture with ammonia will clean the setting as well as the diamonds.

    Use a soft toothbrush that will not be used again for any other purpose outside of cleaning.

    5.Rinse with warm water.

    Rinse the jewelry under or in warm water when you have finished scrubbing.

    If you’re cleaning multiple pieces of jewelry, rinse each piece individually.

    Then, lay the diamonds or gemstones on a tissue to dry. Store them in a safe place once they have finished drying.

    6. Clean with a commercial jewelry cleaner.

    If the jewelry doesn’t come out as polished as you’d like it be, you can purchase a commercial jewelry cleaner.

    A cleaner can be purchased online or at a jewelry store. Make sure to ask a jeweler if your jewelry can withstand a commercial cleaner before using it

    The directions for using a commercial jewelry cleaner depends on the type of cleaner you have. Read the instructions carefully before use.











    Polishing Pearls

    1.Create a mixture.

    Use one cup of water and a few drops of shampoo. Any type of shampoo is fine to use.

    Pour the shampoo and water into a bowl and stir using a spoon or other utensil


    2.Go over the pearls with a makeup brush.

    Don’t dip the pearls directly into the mixture. Instead, use a small and clean makeup brush. Dip the makeup brush into the mixture.

    Go over each pearl with the makeup brush. Make sure to clean every part of the pearl, even the part near the setting

    3.Rinse the pearls with a damp cloth.

    Use a damp cloth that has been wrung dry. Gently rub the pearls with the damp cloth to rinse the mixture off.

    Allow the pearls to dry on the soft, dry cloth they were originally laid out on.

    4.Practice preventative cleaning measures.

    Pearls are fragile and easily damaged by harsh cleaning methods. Always put on your pearl jewelry after applying makeup and aerosol products.

    Clean immediately after perspiring and being in smoky environments.